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Margot & Micheal

Sagewood House is occupied and everyone is thrilled!! Thank you very much for your services as a Realtor. We were very happy with your attention to detail and your prompt responses to our enquiries. Your timely assistance allowed us to make this purchase happen. 

Melanie & Iian

Shirley was absolutely wonderful as our realtor when buying our home. We had some quirky requirements; no cell service at our workplace, some cold feet regarding a home sale out of town, and a very quick closing date during our vacation time away. Through all of it, Shirley was the epitome of warm, friendly , professional knowledge and assistance. Her advice and flexibility are the reasons we are now living in the most beautiful home we never would have dreamed of owning! 

Thank you so, so much Shirley!

Kayte & Troy

We are enjoying our new home. It was great working with Shirley as a Realtor. It made finding a home for us so much easier. I'm sure if we continued trying to find a home on our own we would still be looking. I was amazed with how fast things happened once we started using a Realtor. 

Richard & Grace

Richard and I would like to take this time to thank you so much for finding us our perfect home. 

It was late July when you approached us in Sun Rivers to see if we would like to sell our house and by October 13, we were in our new house in The Villas!

You knew exactly what we wanted and took the time to make sure all was perfect. Not only that, you took the time to make sure we were happy. We only looked at this one home and could not believe that this was the one we wanted.

Richard is so happy with the garage/WORKSHOP. He has had extra wiring installed to accommodate all his tools and has found extra room for work benches and shelving. 

Shirley you are the Realtor of the Month or Year as far as I am concerned. Thanks again for going that extra step to make us happy. 

Please feel free to drop in for a spot of whatever!

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